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Ricardo Neto retains the Presidency of the packaging waste compliance scheme

Novo Verde, the packaging waste compliance scheme that started the competition in the sector in Portugal, has appointed Pedro Simões as the new General Manager, a professional with extensive knowledge in the area of ​​packaging, environmental and waste legislation, as well as management of recyclables waste markets. Ricardo Neto holds the Presidency of Novo Verde and ERP Portugal, the compliance for waste electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators (WEEE & WBA).

With a degree in Environmental Engineering from Nova School of Science & Technology, Pedro Simões also has a Post-Graduation in Sanitary Engineering and Integrated Waste Management, carried out at the same college where he graduated. Pedro Simões began his career in 2005 and took on the role of Environmental Manager at RECIPAC – National Association for the Recovery and Recycling of Paper and Cardboard for eleven years. In 2017, he joined Novo Verde as Operations Manager, a role he held for five years and, today, he reaches the position of General Manager due to his vast experience in the waste sector, both in packaging and in WEEE & WBA.

Ricardo Neto, President of Novo Verde, underlines that “The vast technical and operational knowledge, the spirit of mission and team management as Operations Manager at Novo Verde, dictated the appointment of Pedro Simões as General Manager, who has made a remarkable journey to date, directly contributing to the growth of Novo Verde activity and brand, which today brings together more than 280 partners, ensuring, across the country and islands, the management of around 55,471 collection points”.

Pedro Simões, the General Manager of Novo Verde, points out that “It is with great pride and a sense of responsibility that I accepted this challenge at Novo Verde, a compliance scheme that, in the last 5 years, has developed remarkable work in the packaging waste sector, with the clear commitment to face the challenges that Portugal still has in the correct disposal of this waste, for the sake of a circular economy, saving natural resources and, of course, for our country. I will actively participate so that all these goals are achieved and overcome.”

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