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Within the scope of Novo Verde Permit, the elaboration of a Research and Development project plan is foreseen with a focus on improving the relevant processes in the operation of the packaging waste management circuit. 


Environmental trends and the growing need to develop models that allow the promotion of circularity in the economy show that it is essential to implement actions that promote Research and Development (R&D).

Rethink & Repack: New trends in the packaging sector

In the context of the Novo Verde Packaging Enterprise Award’21, Novo Verde is organizing the event:

Rethink & Repack: new trend in the packaging sector

This event has the particularity of bringing together stakeholders in the value chain to discuss topics such as ecodesign and innovation in the packaging sector.

With the support of the newspaper Expresso as a media partner, and EY (Ernst & Young) as a technical partner, it will happen on March 8th, at 2:30 pm.


Program available for consultation here.

Link to access the online event.

Novo Verde Packaging Enterprise Award 2021

Environmental trends and the growing need to develop models that promote the economy circularity show that it is essential to implement actions that promote Research and Development (R&D).

It is in this context that Novo Verde Packaging Enterprise Award’21 arises, contemplating the promotion of research and development actions with strategic interest for the packaging sector and for the country.

Novo Verde Packaging Enterprise Award’21 is an award in the area of ​​R&D to identify and implement the best project on a set of themes inherent to the scope of Novo Verde – Packaging Waste Management Society action and its members targeted to industry, distribution, universities and technological areas related to packaging in Portugal.

This edition has Expresso newspaper as media partner, and EY (Ernst & Young) as technical partner.

In order for your application to be considered for Novo Verde Packaging Enterprise Award’21, it is essential that you complete the entry form. After valid submission, the proponent receives an email with confirmation of participation.

Rules of the Prize here.

Applications here.

Novo Verde – Packaging Entreprise Award

It was in this context of environmental trends that Novo Verde – Packaging Entreprise Award was born, contemplating the dynamization of research and development actions with strategic interest for the packaging sector and for the country.

The first edition of the Novo Verde – Packaging Entreprise Award has closed and the winning entry was Packaging Matters from Feel Matter. This product materializes the circular economy concept since it utilizes waste from wine industry to produce new sustainable packaging for this sector. 

The 2020 edition is aimed at companies that manufacture packaging, with the objective of finding the best solutions that meet the circular economy aims. 

With a global value of 25 000€, Novo Verde intended to boost the sector and promote competitiveness among companies. The Packaging Enterprise Award’20 had three levels of winners in which, in the first place, the total amount of 15 000€ were attributed and in the second and third, the values of 6 000€ and 4 000€, respectively.


Novo Verde thanks to the companies for participating in the contest Novo Verde Packaging Entreprise Award’20.

All projects submitted in this competition scope were analyzed and classified according to the criteria contained in article 12 of the regulation. The Jury unanimously decided on the selection of the winning project (1st place) for this edition, as well as on the classification of the 2nd and 3rd places.

POLIVOUGA – Indústria de Plásticos, SA was the big winner of the second edition of the Novo Verde Packaging Entreprise Award’20, with the project entitled “Helix® BOPE”.

The second and third positions were delivered to the companies INTRAPLÁS – Indústria Transformadora de Plásticos, SA and PLASTIMAR – Indústria de Matérias Plásticas, SA, which will receive 6 000€ and 4 000€ prize, respectively.

Award Regulation available here.

EEA Grants – Mafra Reciclar a Valer+

The project Mafra Reciclar a Valer+, which Novo Verde is part of, aims to create a living laboratory of incentive systems that allows testing different technological solutions and monitoring their results, contributing to increase knowledge about these systems and promote their effectiveness and economic efficiency, in the sense to prepare the implementation of the deposit system.

This project is one of 13 applications supported by the European program EEA Grants, which promotes the application of principles of the circular economy in production and consumption.

The elements to be consider are:

1. Different types of deposit equipment, to identify the most suitable for different locations and groups of users;

2. Sensing and artificial intelligence technologies that provide information on the system effectiveness and efficiency;

3. Platform for monitoring the equipment network in real time, with automatic management of collection operations.

The project also aims to promote the appropriate use of these systems through an awareness campaign taking place in the Municipality of Mafra through events in stores and markets, schools and other places close to the communities. This initiative will make it possible to collect indicators of citizens perception of solutions and answer key questions such as the value associated with incentives, accessibility of equipment, among others.

It is also intended that the accumulated knowledge be made available to all interested parties in an open way, giving rise to the development and implementation of more effective and efficient deposit networks or systems.

Reciclar a Valer+

Since October 1, 2019, that Novo Verde has been developing a pilot project at Pingo Doce da Malveira that consists in a machine that delivers vouchers in exchange of PET plastic bottles. For each bottles of drinks and soft drinks delivery, the costumers can receive vouchers of € 0.02 or € 0.05, to be used in their purchases at that store.

In the first year of the initiative alone, more than 500 thousand bottles of PET beverages were collected, which is equivalent to more than 13 thousand kilograms of this type of packaging waste. Consumers who joined the pilot project were given discount vouchers in the total amount of around 20 thousand euros.

This initiative is part of the set of measures and general goals of the European Union in terms of waste management, as well as the European Strategy for Plastics, in which all the packaging of this material, placed on the European Union market, must be reusable or easily recyclable by 2030. Plastic beverage bottles, as single-use plastic products, should be subject to reimbursement systems or other measures with a direct positive impact on the collection rate, thus on the quality of the collected material and materials recycled.

The pilot project Reciclar a Valer + is an initiative of Novo Verde in partnership with the Municipality of Mafra and Tratolixo – Treatment of Urban Solid Waste.

Novo Verde Packaging Universities Award

Novo Verde Packaging Universities Award

The Novo Verde Packaging Universities Award 2019 resulted from a partnership between Novo Verde and the European Blue Flag Association (ABAE) / Eco-Schools Program following the environmental education initiatives already developed within the compliance scheme strategy, in which the training of citizens is the engine of this responsibility.

This challenge aimed at Higher Education establishments and the application presupposes the fulfillment of 2 stages, subject to evaluation by the Monitoring and Jury Commission: environmental audit to the Education establishment and responses to environmental problems in the first stage, gathered in the action plan focused on packaging waste management.

In each region of the country a winner was selected (North, Center, Lisbon, Alentejo, Algarve, Azores and Madeira), and the project with the best national ranking (University of Aveiro) was also verified.

Each distinction was equivalent to the value of € 7500 used in the implementation of the proposed solutions.

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