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Covered Packaging

Packaging covered by Novo Verde system

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“Packaging”. What are they?

«Packaging»: any product made of materials of any kind and used to contain, protect, transport, handle, deliver and present raw materials or transformed products from the manufacturer to the consumer or user, including any disposable item used for the same purpose. ⇒ Read Decree-Law


Packaging management – which?

The above definition of “packaging” refers to all primary, secondary and tertiary packaging whose use results in municipal waste, i.e. those that are disposed of by the waste producer and not by the municipal waste management systems. This packaging includes household, commercial and service packaging, as well as those that generate municipal waste due to their nature and composition.

Economia Circular

Packaging Permit – What kind?

The scope of Novo Verde Permit includes primary, secondary and tertiary disposable packaging placed on the national market, including service packaging, as well as the corresponding packaging waste for the management of which the municipal waste management systems are responsible. This group includes household waste and similar waste, the daily volume of which does not exceed 1100 litres, according to the current wording of Decision 2011/753 / EU of 18 November, and  Decree-Law no. 178/2006, of 5 September.

Packaging Types

Sales or primary packaging:

 Includes any packaging created to constitute a sales unit for the final user or consumer in the point of purchase.

Grouped or secondary non-multipack packaging

Any packaging designed to constitute, at the point of sale, a group of product units, only used as a means of replenishing the point of sale, and which can be removed from the product without affecting its characteristics.

Grouped or secondary multipack packaging

Includes any package created to constitute, in the point of purchase, a group of a certain number of sales units, either if they are sold as such to the user or final consumer; this type of packaging may be taken out of the product without affecting its characteristics.

Service packaging

Packaging destined to be filled in a point of sale for products accommodation and transport by the consumer.

Transport or tertiary packaging

Any packaging designed to facilitate the movement and transport of a series of sales units or grouped packaging, in order to avoid physical damage during movement and transport, with the exception of containers for road, rail, sea and air transport.

Packaging Materials

In order to accommodate goods and products intended for the consumer, packaging can be made of various materials, such as:



Paper and Cardboard

Cardboard packaging for liquid food (ECAL)




Other Materials

Horeca Channel

The Novo Verde permit also covers the disposal of packaging waste of non-reusable soft drinks, beer and natural mineral water, spring water or other packaged waters intended for immediate consumption in hotels, restaurants and similar establishments (HORECA establishments), including collective restaurant premises, company canteens and establishments in commercial or sports areas whose daily production does not exceed 1100 litres per producer, through a specific management subsystem.

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