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How To Join

Packers joining form

This form is addressed to:

Economic operators operating in the national market (in Portugal) as packaging products producers;


Packaging product importers;

Service packaging suppliers whose packaging results in the production of municipal waste.

When fulfilling the joining form to Novo Verde Integrated Packaging Waste Management System expresses the intention to transfer the Extended Producer responsibility to Novo Verde.



Declaration Types

Novo Verde declaration model is available here.

Novo Verde Symbol

Novo Verde brand is registered by Novo Verde as a packaging specific marking symbol included in the Packaging Waste Management Integrated System.

Once placed in a packaging unit, “Novo Verde” brand means that the economic operator responsible for it fulfills its responsibilities as the first placing on the market product figure, by transferring these responsibilities to a compliance scheme through the financial fees payment.

The packaging marking with the specific compliance scheme symbol was legally mandatory until 31/12/2018 on primary non-reusable packaging, and optional on secondary non-reusable multipack packaging and shopping bags. From 01/01/2019, non-reusable packaging is no longer under this obligation.

The legal framework for mandatory packaging marking is present in Article 28 of
Decree-Law No. 152-D / 2017, in its current wording. .

The economic operators may use this symbol if they celebrate a contract with Novo Verde, pay the amount determined for its use and respect it using graphic rules.

Novo Verde Symbol rules of use Novo Verde Symbol Contract
Manual de normas do símbolo Novo Verde


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