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Geração Verdão

“Reciclar é a Nossa Praia” 2022

Novo Verde, the packaging waste compliance scheme, in collaboration with Sailors for the Sea Portugal (SFSP), has launched an action called “Reciclar é a Nossa Praia”, meaning “Recycle is Our Beach, International Coastal Cleanup Day” to raise awareness among Portuguese people about how their behaviour affects the seas and oceans and to encourage them to collect litter on beaches and in coastal areas.

Geração Verdão

School Success starts with recycling

“School Success starts with Recycling” is the motto of a campaign promoted by Novo Verde and FIRMO, under the Novo Verde Sustainable Partner program. In a time of new beginnings, Novo Verde and FIRMO challenge families and students to a more sustainable return to school, alerting them of the importance of packaging recycling.

Geração Verdão

The sea belongs to us all: let’s take care of it together

Being aware of the importance of the sea in everyone’s life, Pingo Doce created the program “Amar o Mar” (Love the Sea) and committed itself to preserving and respecting the sea and the species that live there. This commitment is renewed yearly with countless internal initiatives or in partnership with various national entities.

Geração Verdão

Novo Verde and Pingo Doce release a campaign encouraging recycling

Novo Verde, the packaging waste compliance scheme and Pingo Doce have united for a new awareness campaign on proper packaging recycling, reinforcing the importance of the consumer when depositing packaging in the recycling bins.
“1, 2, 3 Recycle again”. the slogan of the campaign launches a challenge to the entire population: make a waste separation for recycling a habit for everyone, every day.

Geração Verdão

R-Minute on CNN

‘Minuto R’, a series that aims to inform the Portuguese about the packaging recycling process, is already on CNN Portugal’s program. Supported by Novo Verde, a packaging waste compliance scheme, the first episode was already broadcasted on CNN’s inaugural week on November 29th.

Geração Verdão

Geração Verdão  2020-2021

Based on the awareness of children and young people to the theme of sorting and selective delivery of packaging waste, Geração Verdão presents this year a new set of creative activities: for Kindergarten and Primary School students

Campanha Ecopontos Humanos

Human Recycling Bins

The action of human recycling bins takes place in crowded events to facilitate and promote the separation of packaging waste with the aim of increasing the quantity and quality of materials sent for recycling (music festivals, events with schools, sporting events, institutional events…). Such actions are supported by the corresponding municipalities and/or municipal waste management systems to encourage sustainable behaviour (examples: Carnaval de Torres Vedras, Rip Curl Pro Championship, in Peniche and NOS Primavera Sound Festival, in Porto).

Campanha Recycling Party

Recycling Party

Event held to celebrate World Environment Day with 2000 students and teachers of the 1st Cycle of Basic Education in schools of the 4 Municipalities that make up the intervention area of ​​the urban waste management system Tratolixo (Cascais, Mafra, Oeiras and Sintra). Throughout this day, children participate in various activities on sustainability conducted by partner entities and enjoy a concert by a well-known Portuguese band. In the enclosure, tools are provided that boost environmental practices to make them more frequent and automatic in the participants daily lives.

Campanha Planeta da Transformacao

Planet of Transformation

​A collaboration with the Intermunicipal Community West aims to convey the message of sustainability to 4th-grade students in the 12 municipalities of the region. The initiative is part of the program to combat educational malfunction, “Aluno ao Centro”, and offers various didactic and behavioural tools to engage students in the topic and teach them the need to adopt or reiterate environmentally friendly behaviours.



Over the last few years, Novo Verde has carried out awareness activities with the HORECA channel – restaurants and hotels – to comply with the rules for sorting and correct transmission of packaging waste.

In September 2020, the awareness kits “NOVHORECA” were distributed to 100 establishments in the municipality of Mafra (Ericeira) to highlight the importance of the sorting rules of packaging, focusing on the waste generated in relation to the pandemic.

Likewise, in 2019, as part of the NOVHORECA initiative for the local accommodation sector, an awareness kit in collaboration with the Portuguese Hotel and Restaurant Association (AHRESP) was developed and distributed to establishments in the sector.

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