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Sorting Rules

Waste separation is essential for recycling and is the responsibility of all citizens. By making a habit of separating waste and depositing it in the correct recycling garbage can, you ensure that packaging finds the right path to recovery and recycling.

After the recycling bin – the Circular Economy

Novo Verde is responsible for process management from the collection to the recovery up to the recycling of packaging and packaging waste:

Economia Circular


The packaging in the containers is collected by specialized employees and transported to the waste sorting centre.

Economia Circular


In the sorting centre, the packaging is separated into different materials, which then are transported to the recycler. Waste mixed with packaging will be sorted out at this stage as well. This waste can be recycled and converted into raw materials, which in turn are provided to the industry.

Economia Circular


At the recycler, the packaging is processed and transformed into new products.

Economia Circular


After the products are properly packed, they return to the point of sale for distribution.

Economia Circular


Finally, the (new) packaging is purchased by the consumer, who thus starts the process again (sorting and forwarding via separate collection containers).

Green recycling bin – Glass
Yellow recycling bin – Plastic and metal
Blue recycling bin – paper and cardboard
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