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Sofia Inspira

Thinking of all families that, considering this confinement framework, seek new forms of entertainment, alongside the mission of bringing environmental awareness to all homes, Novo Verde and ERP Portugal, WEEE and used batteries compliance scheme, created the digital series Sofia Inspira, a set of eight episodes that will exemplify how to give a second chance to waste, through the famous DIY (Do It Yoursef) and handicrafts from the artist Sofia Cotrim, from the program “Mundo de Sofia” (“Sophia’s World”).

In these episodes, packaging, electrical equipment and batteries will be the main actors in 100% sustainable works and whose common denominator is the awareness environmental emergency message. 

Reciclar a Valer+

Since 1 October 2019, customers of the Pingo Doce da Malveira supermarket can actively participate in the recycling process and deliver their PET plastic bottles of drinks and soft drinks, receiving vouchers of € 0.02 or € 0.05, to be used in their purchases.

Novo Verde Barometer

In 2019, Novo Verde wanted to know more about the Portuguese recycling habits and what can be done to encourage them to participate more actively in this process. Find out in the videos the answers to questions like “Should companies help consumers to be environmentally responsible

Torres Vedras Carnival

With a strong presence in the Municipality of Torres Vedras, Novo Verde began in 2019 a strong presence in the most striking event in the city – the most Portuguese Carnival in Portugal. See how our human recycling bins contributed to making this Carnival also the most sustainable in the country!

Recycling Party 2019

On World Environment Day, Novo Verde celebrates with the youngest! In 2019, the 2nd edition of Recycling Party took place in Mafra. See in this video how it went.

Geração Verdão

Since the academic year 2017/2018 that Novo Verde has developed, in partnership with the Eco-Schools program, the Geração Verdão initiative. Learn more about this action and what students and teachers think.


At Novo Verde we care with the objects life since they are fabricated until its recycling. Join us!

Packaging Cycle

Where do the packaging that transport our food, purchases and other products come from? Novo Verde shows you the whole process.

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