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Why Recycling

The turning point in packaging waste recycling

Novo Verde is a recent waste compliance scheme, responsible for the collection, recovery and/or recycling of packaging and packaging waste, operating nationwide. Our mission is to ensure that packaging waste is correctly guided to recovery or recycling, signing our commitment to the Environment.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Your initiative is essential in the waste management chain, as we are all responsible for ensuring its separation and forwarding for recovery and recycling.

In our daily lives we use several packaging in the most varied contexts, which can be produced with the raw materials resulting from recycling, avoiding their extraction from Nature. In addition to this advantage associated with the waste separation, we should highlight the products from waste and not virgin materials production.


Recycling Advantages

Vantagens de Reciclar

Once the waste separation is guaranteed, their recycling follows a process that leads to obtaining raw materials to be introduced back into the industry. This waste recycling contemplates a considerable set of advantages, of which we emphasize:

⇔〉 Preservation of natural resources, as it gives rise to the use of waste from selective collection, avoiding the extraction of virgin raw materials and extending their life cycle. For example, plastic recycling reduces oil consumption, recovery of metal packaging avoids the extraction of ores, recycled glass used in the production of new packaging saves riverbeds (sands needed for this production) and pulp recycled paper reduces trees felling;

⇔〉 Reduction in the consumption of energy, water and natural resources (raw materials) in the production process, since when made with waste and not with virgin raw materials it is smaller;

⇔〉 Decrease the amount of waste deposited in landfills, which will reduce the waste of resources in the construction of similar new structures. For these structures only waste that cannot be recovered should be followed;

⇔〉  Jobs creation;

⇔〉  Compatibility with the circular economy concept

Used packaging recycling makes it possible to produce quality materials, new objects or even new packaging in a virtually endless circle with or without the addition of virgin raw material.


Recovery – a new life for your waste

In our daily lives we use various packaging and objects that were produced from packaging waste discarded and properly separated by consumers, namely:


Glass bottles, flasks and jars


Bags, detergent packaging, fibers for clothing, vases, plumbing pipes, street furniture, etc.


Bicycles, scooters, auto parts


Blocks of paper, corrugated boxes and cardboard packaging
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