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Novo Verde, a packaging waste compliance system, in collaboration with Mafra City Council, has launched a new awareness campaign – NOVHORECA Bars and Restaurants. The initiative consists of the distribution of information material about the correct separation of packaging waste in these establishments.

The reason is that disposable packaging from HORECA establishments must be separated so that it can be properly forwarded and recycled. For this purpose, about 100 establishments in the municipality of Ericeira will receive a Novo Verde reusable bag, consisting of educational posters, magnets and stickers for separate collection, a certificate and even coasters that can be placed on the premises.

Considering the pandemic that the country is experiencing, one of the most important messages also refers to the handling of disposable gloves and masks that belong in undifferentiated containers. The behaviour of the establishments of the HORECA channel is fundamental to improving environmental performance through the correct separation of packaging waste, not only by employees but also by guests and customers in the restaurant area.

Ricardo Neto, President of Novo Verde, affirms that “the initiative aims to alert, sensitize and train the managers, employees and customers of the establishments of the HORECA channel to change and improve their behaviour in terms of separation of packaging. This is an important area of activity for Novo Verde, as it has a strong impact on waste generation. We, therefore, want to support all actors in the sector to achieve better results in this area.

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