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The new edition of Novo Verde’s Geração Verdão campaign is an environmental awareness and education initiative carried out in partnership with the Eco-Schools program, whose main objective is to contribute to the development of recycling culture in Portugal by raising awareness as well as educating children and young people as tomorrow’s adults in the school context.

To promote awareness among children and young people on the subject of waste separation and separate disposal of packaging waste, Geração Verdão is offering a series of new creative activities this year: For kindergarten and elementary school students, the main task is to build objects from different types of packaging (e.g., Christmas ornaments, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day gifts); second and third-grade students must create a placard about the history of an object related to the circular economy. Older secondary, vocational and higher education students are asked to create a video or animation about the circular economy.

Decathlon Portugal is participating in this initiative with the aim of combining the promotion of sports with the protection of the planet. The three winning schools in each stage will receive a Decathlon check for €200, bringing the total award to €1,800.

But that’s not all, as the students’ knowledge will also be put to the test. At the end of the three phases of the current school year (in December, April and June), a quiz on sustainability and packaging recycling will be held. The 5 winners of each quiz will be awarded tickets to the Oceanário, offered by Pingo Doce.

Filipa Moita, PR Manager of Novo Verde, adds that “these initiatives are not only intended to stimulate students’ creativity, but also to encourage the adoption of good practices in the daily life of the school community. We believe that through these activities, students will begin to consider packaging from a different perspective, analyzing the stages of its life cycle and its impact on our planet and the management of resources.”

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