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Novo Verde will speak on “New standards and evolution of sustainability in Tourism” at the European Hospitality Summit 2019 as part of its partnership with AHRESP (Association of Hospitality, Restoration and Similars of Portugal).

Ricardo Neto, President of Novo Verde and speaker at this event, says that “this partnership is another strategic step for the Compliance Scheme activity, as the NOVHORECA Local Accommodation Kit used in contexts where there is a lot of packaging waste that needs to be collected separately for recycling.”
The NOVHORECA Local Accommodation Kit, developed for AHRESP partners, was presented and distributed in the first edition of the “Management of Local Accommodation” program promoted by AHRESP under its QUALITY program, whose first edition began in February.

This action is part of a series of awareness and education initiatives for sustainable behaviours, especially regarding packaging waste management.

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