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Novo Verde and ERP Portugal have been at the Jamor National Sports Center to celebrate International Youth Day. This initiative, instigated by the Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth, included numerous sports and recreational activities for 12 to 30-year-olds.

Novo Verde promoted the waste collection generated by the event through the human recycling garbage cans team, which walked around and was always ready to explain and encourage the participation of individuals in packaging recycling.

ERP Portugal was responsible for the installation of the Depositrões for electrical and electronic products and batteries, promoting these containers and their function.

Filipa Moita, PR manager of the two companies, adds that “young people play an important role in promoting environmentally conscious behaviour. They are a group with a strong influence on their peers, favouring the spread of the theme.”

“Transformative Education” was the theme this year, which aims to promote opportunities for inclusive and equitable quality for all. International Youth Day has been observed since 1999 by the decision of the UN General Assembly.

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