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Novo Verde and ERP Portugal will encourage visitors of Fexpolmaveira, which will take place from August 13th to 18th, to adopt sustainable behaviours and return waste from electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and packaging.

This initiative, carried out in collaboration with the Municipality of Mafra, promotes the realization of the slogan of the 31st edition of the event, namely “Celebrate to recycle”. These days, visitors can recycle their e-waste and used batteries in the Depositrão bins available at the event. This way, the proper treatment, decontamination of harmful substances and the recovery of raw materials are guaranteed.

Packaging waste will be able to be collected through human recycling bins, making it easier for consumers to separate waste, thus ensuring the following recycling process. This dynamic is part of the awareness, communication and education campaign of the two compliance schemes to promote the active participation of consumers in the value chain of these waste streams.

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