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About two thousand children participated in the second edition of the “Recycling Party”, an event organized by ERP Portugal and Novo Verde in collaboration with the Municipality of Mafra.

This environmental day, held this year at the Parque Desportivo Municipal de Mafra, again featured numerous activities to raise awareness about environmental protection. The children, aged between 6 and 11 years old, were able to carry out various activities related to the environment, with topics such as the correct separation of waste, the consequences of plastic waste in the oceans, the treatment of waste after disposal, natural resource management (e.g. water) and many more.
Partners such as the European Blue Flag / Eco-Schools Program, Be Water, Eco Ambiente, Kosta Moving, Oceanário and Tratolixo supported the event.

Rosa Monforte, Managing Director of ERP Portugal, emphasized that “it was another successful day for the environment! The children were very active and showed interest in the topics worked on in the different challenges proposed. We ended the event with the feeling that we had passed on the message of the importance of recycling waste, and thus we fulfilled our mission.”

At the end of this unique recycling party, the children participated in choreography on the importance of the behaviour of all of us in the value chain and enjoyed a concert by Paulo Sousa, one of the most successful musicians on today’s national scene, who also joined in the mood and urged the children to behave sustainably.

Ricardo Neto, President of Novo Verde, adds: “this is one of our strategic communication priorities: to raise awareness among the public, in this case, the youngest ones, about environmentally friendly behaviour. We believe it was an experience the children will remember and that they will share the knowledge with the people closest to them.”About 40 schools in the municipalities of Mafra, Cascais, Oeiras and Sintra participated in the initiative, and more than 100 teachers were present.

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