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Novo Verde reveals 2020 packaging collection increasing of 15%

10 Jun, 2021 | News

Novo Verde marks the International Recycling Day with a positive balance of its four years activity, during which it has already been responsible for the selective collection of more than 120 500 tonnes of packaging waste.

From the first year of activity (2017) to 2020, Novo Verde more than doubled the collected quantities, with a management record of 39 617 tons of waste in 2020. Even with the pandemic, the numbers show an overall increase of 15 % in the collection from 2019 to 2020, with emphasis on the recovery of paper / cardboard (+ 55.3%) and aluminum (+ 10.1%).

Ricardo Neto, Novo Verde President, says that “these figures reveal that not even the successive confinements stopped the Portuguese to strongly recycling, showing at the same time that the Integrated Packaging Waste Management System (IPWMS) did not fail and maintained its operations, guaranteeing selective collection and the possibility of giving a new life to so many materials. The growth in these four years brings us enormous satisfaction, as we conclude that the effort to create competition in a sector where it did not exist has only brought benefits to the various IPWMS players. We are motivated to continue to promote actions to activate / replicate sustainable behaviors, translated into selective packaging deposition, increasing the recycled materials quantity and quality and making the IPWMS more and more efficient ”.

Novo Verde has increasingly invested in awareness and education actions close to the public, to encourage the selective packaging waste delivery. Only in 2021, in partnership with the EDP Foundation, opened the Earth Bits – Feel the Planet exhibition, which took place at Maat, inviting visitors to think about the climate emergency; Also in April, Mafra Reciclar a Valer + initiative was launched, a project financed by the EEA Grants with the Mafra Municipality, Tratolixo and other entities, with the aim of rewarding consumers for PET and aluminum plastic packaging delivering. Novo Verde is also one of the Water World Forum For Life event main sponsors, which will take place in the first days of June, for the first time in Portugal, and in which the compliance scheme will be present with collection and awareness actions.

Still focusing on water, specifically in the oceans, Novo Verde is preparing a mega initiative on Portuguese beaches that will consist of waste collection actions on the beach and awareness activities for the youngest. Primarily aimed at the school community, this activity, which will cover 30 beaches from north to south of the country, is also open to the general public.

These are just some of the initiatives recently promoted by Novo Verde with the aim of getting more people to participate in this journey for the sustainability of the planet.

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