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Novo Verde announces the nominees for the Novo Verde Packaging Enterprise Award.

The highlight of this award for innovative solutions in the packaging sector is the final on June 6th, when the finalists will present their projects to the jury, composed of high-level representatives of the sector. This event will take place at the premises of media partner Expresso and will be broadcast online.
This year, the number of applications exceeded all expectations, giving this campaign a high value.

Pedro Simões, General Director of Novo Verde, affirms: “One of the purposes of launching this award is to stimulate the sector and promote the competitiveness of companies – the number of applications has made this clear. We would like to thank all the projects that reached us and especially the five finalists that stood out for their vision in environmental protection and circular economy.”

The evaluation of the submitted applications was carried out by the Monitoring Committee, composed of representatives of Novo Verde and EY (Ernst & Young). The strict analysis criteria established in the program’s regulation were applied. Each of the five finalist projects aims to create added value in the context of the circular economy.

The finalist project, aeroREPC, is dedicated to the development of new aerogels from post-consumer packaging waste (PSTN), bringing together two areas that are currently considered top scientific topics: Aerogels and the reuse of waste. This project is expected to make an important contribution to the circular economy by aiming to create new value-added products from waste.
Another finalist project, the Dairy Connected Bottle, has developed a code on the surface of the packaging that allows identification of the packaging, its origin and the material from which it is made. These codes can be identified by optical reading systems, whether a simple cell phone or something more complex, such as the sorting systems used by SGRU or recyclers.
Klöckner Pentaplast is also among the finalists with its Tray2Tray product. KP’s mission is to promote the recyclability of the products it brings to market. To achieve this goal, the company has developed a range of products, trays and plastic films that allow the food market to rely on safe, lightweight, economical and 100% recyclable packaging.
New Food Packaging from Nature is another project that uses waste to create new packaging. The goal is to develop packaging made from 100% natural wood obtained from waste from the current production process. The project aims to develop, within the framework of eco-design, new, innovative and more attractive packaging by combining waste wood veneers with a natural binder obtained from the bark.
Zero Cups – Smart Bulk System is a project resulting from a joint venture between The Loop Company and Loja Do Zero. It is an innovative and groundbreaking system for bulk shopping with the aim of replacing disposable packaging with smart, reusable packaging (ZERO Cups). On the one hand, these can be circulated countless times and, on the other hand, the entire history, traceability and measurement of environmental impact is possible throughout their lifetime. The solution thus covers three areas: smart, recyclable packaging, digitization of bulk purchasing and automation of the process.


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