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Every day counts for a better future

Novo Verde and Pingo Doce have teamed up for a new campaign to raise awareness about the correct recycling of packaging and to emphasize the importance of consumers in proper disposal.

“1, 2, 3 – Recycle again” is the slogan of the campaign, which calls on the entire population to make sorting for recycling a habit, every day.

Over the course of several weeks, Portuguese people have had the opportunity to learn about the benefits of recycling paper/cardboard, plastic, metal and glass packaging, a process for which their participation is essential by simply disposing of waste in recycling bins.

This action relies on the support of Rádio Renascença. Which disseminates nationwide best practices with multi-channel communication – on air and online – and information about the management and recycling of packaging that we all consume, especially at Christmas time.

The campaign was also disseminated on several Pingo Doce channels and featured outdoor advertising in the cities of Lisbon and Porto to encourage people to separate so they recycle more and better.

Ricardo Neto, president of Novo Verde, pointed out that raising consumer awareness about the correct separation and recycling of packaging is part of the key to success for a well-ordered waste stream and with corresponding results for the protection of the planet. In this way, we also want to ensure that national targets are met and that used packaging is recycled so that raw materials can be recovered and contribute to a circular economy.”

Filipa Pimentel, Sustainable Development and Local Impact Manager at Pingo Doce, explains, “At Pingo Doce, we carry out our operations according to responsible and sustainable principles of action. We are aware that the Earth’s resources are finite and that taking care of them is a daily task that should be part of everyone’s routine. It is a global challenge in which we all have a role to play. For ourselves and for future generations. It’s not just about raising awareness, but also about informing and educating consumers about good practices, especially waste separation and recycling. It’s important to teach us how we can make a big impact on the environment in our daily lives through small gestures. Doing it well is within everyone’s reach and is quite simple! And the main goal of this campaign developed by Pingo Doce and Novo Verde is to show and teach this.”

In addition to recycling, it is important to educate consumers about more sustainable choices and products with greater recycling potential and lower environmental impact. In this context, Pingo Doce is also associated with this challenge, as the company offers its customers more environmentally friendly solutions.

The campaigns and actions of Novo Verde can be followed on FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.

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