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Given the evolution of COVID-19 in Portugal and the world, Novo Verde calls attention to the new rules for the disposal of household waste to protect all residents of Portugal as well as those working in the collection and treatment of waste.

By the information published by the General Directorate of Health, Novo Verde points out that all household waste related to the protection from coronavirus, especially masks, gloves, tissues or similar, must be placed in the undifferentiated waste container, and no case must be separated for recycling or placed in the recycling garbage can.

In cases of suspected or confirmed infection with COVID-19, Novo Verde advises that this waste must be handled with special attention and recommends that all waste produced by the person in quarantine or isolation should be placed only in a non-manual-opening waste container.

The bag should be 2/3 full and not squeezed to prevent air from escaping. The sealed bag must be placed inside a second plastic bag, which is closed with two tight knots and preferably with tape or duct tape. Other practices for protection can be found at

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