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“R Minute” can already be seen on CNN Portugal’s network, a feature that aims to educate Portuguese people about everything related to packaging recycling and is supported by Novo Verde, the packaging waste compliance system. The first episode aired during CNN’s opening week on Nov. 29.

“R Minute” builds on the 3 R’s Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and focuses on packaging management. In 25 one-minute episodes, the constant doubts of consumers are dispelled, best practices and the importance of packaging recycling are highlighted, and the responsibilities of the key players of SIGRE – Integrated Packaging Waste Management System are explained. It will also highlight the new trends that will shape packaging recycling in the coming years.

Ricardo Neto, President of Novo Verde, points out that “it is important to change the mentality to create new behaviours regarding the recycling of packaging waste. All actors in the SIGRE chain have a great responsibility, but it is up to all of us to develop a new mindset so that the circular economy is not interrupted. It is with enthusiasm that we support the launch of ‘R Minute’ together with the national launch of the world’s largest journalism brand CNN, an important and credible vehicle to convey these messages and contribute to changing the course of recycling in Portugal and achieving the national goals. 1500 seconds will be dedicated to the knowledge and sustainability of our planet”.

For Nuno Santos, director of CNN Portugal, “consumers are interested in contributing to a more sustainable ecosystem. They want to be informed about green initiatives that will allow them to adapt their purchasing and consumption behaviour. With the ‘R-Minute’, CNN Portugal shares best practices, raise consumer awareness and seeks to contribute to greater participation of Portuguese people in environmental protection.”

The “R-Minute” will raise the most diverse doubts and “recycling means” by describing what the packaging is, its status and materials, as well as the separation rules for the yellow, blue and green eco points (containers). To explain how the SIGRE chain works, “R-Minute” visited a wide variety of facilities and actors in the chain to closely observe the processes of collection, sorting and recycling, and to show viewers the importance of recycling. To conclude this series of content and stimulate debate on the developments that the world of recycling is experiencing, “R Minute” will address the solutions and technological innovations in the sector, as well as new urgent rules.

For those who missed an episode of “R Minute,” CNN Portugal will make each segment available on the channel’s website.

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