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Novo Verde returned to the Carnival of Torres Vedras, where for three days, it was possible to promote the recycling of plastic/metal, paper/cardboard and glass packaging through the action of human recycling bins.

Ricardo Neto, president of Novo Verde, concludes that “initiatives that promote the participation of citizens continue to prove their effectiveness, especially in an environment that favours the transmission of the message and where a lot of waste is generated every day. The partnership with the Municipality of Torres Vedras has once again provided Novo Verde with an excellent opportunity to inform and raise awareness among citizens, which is essential for the development and growth of our work.”

The “most Portuguese carnival in Portugal” has set itself the goal of becoming a green carnival. Every year, actions are carried out and implemented to protect the environment and sustainability,” said Carlos Bernardes, Mayor of Torres Vedras. Carlos Bernardes took stock of Novoverde’s actions during the festive season, highlighting the importance of the activities that show that “Torres Vedras continues to contribute to the goals of sustainability.”

Under the slogan “Environment is not fiction: recycling makes magic!” twelve human recycling bins embodied fantastic and well-known characters – Minions, Smurfs and Shrecks – and showed the celebrants how to recycle, to join Torres Vedras City Council in making “the most Portuguese carnival in Portugal” a more environmentally friendly event.

This initiative joined the series of educational and environmental awareness activities by Novo Verde in collaboration with the Intermunicipal Community West as part of the Circular Program West.

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