Novo Verde, Packaging Waste Compliance Scheme, fulfills the legal obligation of managing this specific flow of waste, resulting from the use of packed goods put on national market, upon transference of this responsibility by the packers and importers of non-reusable packaging.

Enrolling in Novo Verde system is simple, quick and ensures the guidance of this waste for recovery and recycling, reinforcing our commitment to the Environment.

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Upon concluding the process, the Novo Verde user may access his account, available in the “Working Area”

In the list below you may find legislation on this subject:

Dispatch n.º 14202-C/2016, from 25th DecemberDecree-Law n.º 71/2016, from 4th NovemberDecree n.º 158/2015, from 29th MayDecree-Law n.º 48/2015, from 10th AprilDecree-Law n.º 110/2013, from 2nd AugustDecree-Law n.º 73/2011, from 17th JuneDecree-Law n.º 92/2006, from 25th MayDecree-Law n.º 162/2000, from 27th JulyDecree n.º 29B/98, from 29th JanuaryDecree-Law n.º 366-A/97, from 20th December


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