Presented by the artist Sofia Cotrim, packaging waste, WEEE and used batteries compliance schemes launch 8 DIY episodes to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Have Fun

The impact of Covid-19 pandemic in Portugal and in the world had consequences on the habits of all of us, resulting in a longer stay at home, even after the end of the emergency state of emergency and in a phase of deflation.

Thinking of all families that, considering this framework, seek new forms of entertainment, alongside the mission of bringing environmental awareness to all homes, Novo Verde and ERP Portugal, WEEE and used batteries compliance scheme, created the digital series Sofia Inspira, a set of eight episodes that will exemplify how to give a second chance to waste, through the famous DIY (Do It Yoursef) and handicrafts from the artist Sofia Cotrim, from the program “Mundo de Sofia” ("Sophia's World").

This series, guided by the values of reduce and reuse, and also by the fun between peers and families, has opened on May 21st, on the Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube networks of Novo Verde and ERP Portugal. For two months, every Thursday, a new episode will be launched in which used packaging, electrical equipment and batteries will be the main actors in 100% sustainable works and whose common denominator is the awareness environmental emergency message. 

Ricardo Neto, President of Novo Verde, adds that “this initiative is the culmination of an idea that Novo Verde has always defended: a circular economy that is governed by Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. If, on the one hand, it is urgent that packaging waste to be sent to its correct ecopoints and recovery flows, on the other, we must inspire all Portuguese people for the values of upcycling, contributing not only to the environment, but to the conscience, well-being and inventive spirit of all.”

Rosa Monforte, General Manager of ERP Portugal, points out that “In a year that is especially different for all Portuguese, in which ERP celebrates 15 years of activity in Portugal, we believe that environmental awareness must follow new communication formats and differentiating ways to enter into the Portuguese radar. We live in an era - now more than ever - where electric and electronic products consumption is increasingly and the urgency of correctly disposing of this waste becomes even more essential and challenging.”

when the old becomes new, everyone wins. the planet wins!

This is the motto of the project to install 23 non-reusable plastic beverage bottle collection machines, which started on March 13th, with the aim of encouraging citizens to adopt sustainable behaviors so that the collected material is recycled and incorporated as raw material in new packaging.

The usage rules are simple. Citizens deposit plastic beverage bottles in the machines and receive a receipt with the amount corresponding to the quantity of returned bottles, which can be used for purchases, in the store or insignia where the bottles were delivered. Alternatively, the amount received can be donated to a social institution.

At this moment, institutions interested in receiving the amount donated by consumers can already submit their application on the project's website, so we count on citizens support in sharing this information.

Help us to support the institutions through the dissemination of this pilot project managed by a consortium composed by teh Portuguese Association of Non-Alcoholic Refreshing Drinks (PROBEB) and Portuguese Retailers Companies Association (APED).

Find more at .


As a measure to contain the spread of COVID-19 and protect employees of the collection and treatment of waste, the packaging compliance scheme calls for the instructions of the National Health Service to be followed.

Regarding the evolution of COVID-19 in Portugal and in the world, Novo Verde alerts the population to the new rules for placing domestic waste, aiming to protect all inhabitants in Portugal, as well as professionals in waste collection and treatment systems.

In line with the information released by the National Health Service, Novo Verde warns that all household waste related to the protection of the coronavirus, especially masks, gloves, handkerchiefs or the like, must be deposited in the undifferentiated waste container and never separated for recycling or placed in ecopoints.

For cases of suspected or confirmed infection by COVID-19, Novo Verde also warns that the handling of these waste should have special attention, suggesting that all that are produced by the person in quarantine or isolation should be placed exclusively in a waste bin with non-manual opening.

The bag must be filled to 2/3 of its capacity and the waste cannot be pressed or pressed for air to escape. This bag, tightly closed, must be placed in a second plastic bag, also tightly closed with 2 tight knots and, preferably, with a tie or adhesive. These and other good protection practices can be followed in


In order to celebrate 4 years of activity in Portugal and more than 80 000 tones of packaging sent to recycling, the Compliance Scheme renews its corporate identity

Novo Verde, Packaging Compliance Scheme, presents a new corporate identity, “greener” and sustainable behaviours inspiring. Having been operating in the Portuguese market for about four years, we aim to get the consumers more connected with the environmental cause in general, as well as improve the correct packaging waste disposal.

With green as a common denominator in its graphic mood and activity, the new image also illustrates sustainability and the circular economy in its iconography. Ricardo Neto, President of Novo Verde, points out that “we want to inspire the Portuguese to have greener behaviors and give a new emphasis to the mission of Novo Verde. For that, after four years of activity, we tried to renew the image so that our activity is even more tangible, clear and close to Portuguese consumers. ”

Novo Verde was born to introduce the competition in the Packaging Waste Compliance Schemes sector with the Permit given by the Portuguese Government, in force since January 1st, 2017. Since then, Novo Verde has collected and sent for recycling more than 80 000 tons of waste.

The image change is the first of several brand initiatives that will take place in 2020, year that will be known of a wide activities program that will be announced shortly. Ricardo Neto stresses that “Novo Verde's strategy has been guided by a growing presence in the consumer journey, seeking to initiate the environmental message and the creation of a true recycling culture in Portugal. If in 2019, we tried to obtain more information about the trends in Portugal, in 2020 we will be even closer to what moves and motivates the Portuguese ”.

 It should be remembered that in 2019 Novo Verde promoted a Permanent Observatory of Recycling Trends that concluded that 89% of the Portuguese already recycle and of the 11% that do not, more than half intend to start doing so. The survey also revealed that Baby Boomers (over 58 years old) are those who recycle the most, but it is the youngest (generation under 21 years old) who are generally more satisfied with various attributes related to the recycling process such as the distance between the residence and the ecopoint, the collection frequency and its cleaning.

All Novo Verde brand initiatives can be followed on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin pages.


Waste compliance schemes are going to take an environmental message to around 80 000 participants in the country's marathons, races and walks of reference with the promise “I recycle without stopping!

Novo Verde, for packaging waste, and ERP Portugal, compliance scheme of electrical and electronic waste and used batteries and accumulators, entered into a partnership with Marathon Club of Portugal to raise awareness of the 80 000 participants planned for the marathons, races and walks of reference of the parents. With the promise "I recycle without stopping", Novo Verde and ERP Portugal aim to highlight the importance of selective waste delivery in the appropriate places to ensure their treatment and recycling, according to their characteristics.

Through this partnership, Novo Verde and ERP Portugal will activate their environmental message in various supports and strategic moments of these sports events, exemplifying and encouraging participants to adopt sustainable behaviors, in a relaxed environment and naturally associated with this type of practices.

Ricardo Neto, President of Novo Verde and ERP Portugal, stresses that “the consolidation of these 3 waste streams - electrical and electronic, batteries and packaging - in this partnership with the Marathon Club of Portugal makes perfect sense. This way, it will be possible to explore the attitude of the 80 000 participants towards recycling, which will be reflected in the participation in the proposed initiatives, as well as the desired environmental behavior.”

Rosa Monforte, General Manager of ERP Portugal, points out that “ERP Portugal continues to believe in a strategy of raising awareness, direct education, close to consumers, the main agents in the waste management channel, as waste delivery  act in the correct containers (Depositrão collection points) is the first step of our job: ensuring the treatment and recycling of these waste. Marathons, races and walks, have gained countless fans in the recent years, being events where there is a high number of people to raise awareness and mobilize for action, which is our purpose, recycle without stopping”.

Timetable of events:

Mini Campeões  and Mimosa Passeio da Família (March 21), EDP Meia Maratona de Lisboa + Vodafone 10 (March 22), EDP Corrida da Mulher (May 17), Mini Campeões e Mimosa Passeio da Família (October 10), EDP Maratona de Lisboa e Luso Meia Maratona + EDP Mini Maratona (11 October) and EDP Grande Prémio de Natal (13 December) are the events where ERP Portugal and Novo Verde will be present to disseminate their environmental message.


Novo Verde returned to Torres Vedras Carnival, where over 3 days it was possible to facilitate the recycling of plastic / metal, paper / cardboard and glass packaging, through the action of human ecopoints.

Ricardo Neto, President of Novo Verde, concludes that “initiatives that promote the active citizens participation continue to be effective, especially in a context favorable to disseminate the message, in which the production of waste is frequent and high, daily . The partnership with the Municipality of Torres Vedras has resulted, once again, in an excellent opportunity for Novo Verde to inform and raise awareness among citizens, so important for the development and growth of our work.”

“The 'most Portuguese Carnival in Portugal' wants to become an increasingly green Carnival, every year we try to implement and develop measures that reflect our concerns with the environment preservation and sustainability” said Carlos Bernardes, Mayor of Torres Vedras Town Hall. Keeping in mind Nova Verde's participation during these days, Carlos Bernardes highlighted the importance of an action that shows that "Torres Vedras continues to make its contribution in what are the goals of sustainability."

Under the motto 'The Environment is not Fantasy: recycling makes magic!', 12 human ecopoints embodied fantastic and well-known characters - Minions, Smurfinas and Shrecks - and showed revelers how to recycle, together with the Torres Vedras City Council , making the “most Portuguese Carnival in Portugal” a greener event.

This initiative integrated the set of education and environmental awareness actions carried out by Novo Verde, in partnership with the Intermunicipal Community of Oeste, within the scope of the West Circular Program.


The European Week for Waste Reduction occurs between 16 and 24 of November. 

Novo Verde and ERP Portugal have made a partnership with Azores Government to test the citizens knowlegde regarding the waste recycling.

The quiz is available here.


“Recycling Values+” campaign: Novo Verde and Mafra Town Hall launch the pilot project for plastic packaging collection in Malveira

Novo Verde, Mafra Town Hall and Tratolixo-Urban Waste Management present, under the signed cooperation protocol, a campaign to promote sustainable behavior in consumers, choosing Pingo Doce Malveira store as a space pilot for this purpose.

From October 1st, all customers of this commercial area in Malveira will be able to actively participate in the recycling process and deliver their PET plastic bottles of drinks, receiving vouchers of € 0.02 or € 0.05, to be used in their purchases.

This initiative is part of the EU's overall set of waste management measures and targets, as well as the European Plastics Strategy, where all packaging of this material put on the EU market should be reusable or easily recyclable by 2030 (Ordinance No. 202/2019 of 3 July).

Beverage plastic bottles, as single-use plastic products, should be subject to reimbursement systems or other measures that have a direct positive impact on the collection rate, thus on the quality of the collected material and recycled materials.

By 31 December this year, mechanisms should be put in place to encourage the return of non-reusable plastic beverage packaging to identify possible changes to consider in the future, thereby maximizing the circularity of recovered materials to be incorporated into the new bottle manufacturing process.

Ricardo Neto, President of Novo Verde states that “this project will be very important for Novo Verde, as we believe it will be an excellent way to test the mechanics and prepare consumers and other stakeholders to adopt sustainable behaviors. Through this collection solution, it will be possible to obtain materials with higher quality and circularity, which will facilitate their recycling and future incorporation into the manufacturing process of new products. ”

Helder Sousa Silva, Mayor of Mafra Town Hall, concludes that “Recycling is a determining factor for the growing reduction in the volume of waste produced and, consequently, for the preservation of the environment of the planet and of the Municipality of Mafra, in particular. By participating in this pilot project, the City Council is committed to encouraging citizens to adopt good practices, particularly in the area of waste collection of plastic beverage packaging, ensuring that the protection of the environment is everyone's responsibility! "

To João Dias Coelho, Administrator of Tratolixo, “This initiative will be an excellent vehicle to lead to the fulfillment of the collection goals of this material, increasing its quality and circularity index and facilitating its recycling.”

nOVO VERDE and ERP at paredes de coura

Paredes de Coura greener with Novo Verde and ERP Portugal

The summer festival Paredes de Coura, taking place from 14 to 17 August, will be greener with the help of Novo Verde and ERP Portugal.

The packaging waste compliance scheme, Novo Verde, bets on the incentive mechanics for the forwarding and recycling of PET bottles of beverages and soft drinks through the awarding of consumers who use the waste collection machine, installed on site under the Sê-lo Verde Program.

The well-known human ecopoints return to this festival to facilitate, awaken and root the behavior of campers and festival-goers regarding the placement of waste in appropriate containers and their recycling, which should be reflected in their daily lives.

ERP Portugal, which is responsible for the management of electrical and electronic equipment and end-of-life batteries, will make the public aware of the need to treat and recycle these waste, often composed of harmful substances that are dangerous to the environment and our health.

By streamlining the collection of this waste through channels available throughout the country, over 3000 proximity points (Depositrão network, ecocenters and electronic appliances stores), ERP Portugal ensures that they will reach their final destination, ie their decontamination, recovery and recycling, giving rise to raw materials to be incorporated into the manufacturing process of new products.

Filipa Moita, PR Manager, concludes that “high-turnout events are excellent opportunities to mobilize citizens for sustainable behavior, engaging them naturally and spontaneously through creative and participatory mechanics. The adhesion of all is fundamental for the development of the activity of the managing entities, since the placement of waste in specific containers is the key to their recycling. ”

International Youth Day

Novo Verde and ERP Portugal were present at the National Sports Center of Jamor to celebrate the International Youth Day. This initiative was promoted by the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth and featured dozens of sports and recreational activities for an audience between 12 and 30 years.

Novo Verde promoted the collection of packaging generated in the context of the event through the action of the human ecopoints team, always ready to clarify and encourage the collaboration of participants in the recycling of packaging.

ERP Portugal was responsible for the installation of Depositrões for the delivery of electrical and electronic and end-of-life batteries, making known these containers and their function.

Filipa Moita, PR Manager of both organizations, said: “Young people are essential in promoting environmental behavior. They are a group that has a strong ability to influence their peers, thus favorable to the positive contagion of these behaviors. The target age group continues the work done with children, reinforcing concepts and emphasizing the importance of citizen participation in the waste management chain, regardless of their typology. ”

'Transformative Education' was this year's theme, which aims to promote opportunities for inclusive and equitable quality for all. International Youth Day has been celebrated since 1999 by resolution of the UN General Assembly.


Novo Verde and ERP Portugal together with Mafra Town Hall to awake sustainable behaviors

Novo Verde and ERP Portugal will be responsible for mobilizing sustainable behavior, promoting the delivery of waste from electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and packaging by Fexpolmaveira visitors, taking place between 13 and 18 August.

This initiative, carried out in partnership with the Municipality of Mafra, materializes the motto of its 31st edition in which the event's organization intends to “celebrate and recycle”.

During these days, visitors will be able to ensure the recycling of their waste and used batteries by using the on-site Depositrões and, consequently, to ensure the treatment and decontamination of substances harmful to the environment and health of all, as well as to obtain raw materials, to be incorporated into the manufacturing process of new products.

Packaging can be collected by human ecopoints, facilitating consumer behavior and ensuring their recycling.

These dynamics are part of the strategy of awareness, communication and education of both compliance schemes, with a view to the active participation of consumers in the management chain of these specific waste streams.

Paulo Sousa animated 2nd edition of Recycling Party

Novo Verde and ERP Portugal have joined 2000 children at the International Environment Day 

The second edition of “Recycling Party”, an event organized by ERP Portugal and Novo Verde (waste compliance schemes), in partnership with the Municipality of Mafra, was attended by about two thousand children, in another World Environment Day, full of environmental awareness activities, this year at the Mafra Municipal Sports Park.

Children aged 6-11 were able to perform different environmental activities, such as learning how to group waste by typology, the consequences of abandoning plastic in the oceans, what happens to the waste we produce, resource management natural (such as water) among many others, all provided by the promoters together with the partners, among them the Blue Flag of Europe Association / Eco-Schools Program, Be Water, Eco Ambiente, Kosta Moving, Oceanário and Tratolixo.

Rosa Monforte, General Manager of ERP Portugal, underlined that “it was another successful day for the environment! The children had a great interaction and showed a real interest in the themes worked on the various challenges proposed. We left the event with the feeling that we delivered the message of the importance of waste recycling, ie mission accomplished. ”

To end this big recycling party, the children took part in a choreography about the importance of the behavior of all of us in the waste recycling chain and attended the concert of one of the most successful musicians on the national scene today, Paulo Sousa, who also entered the spirit and called for the adoption of sustainable behavior by children.

Ricardo Neto, President of Novo Verde, states that “this is one of our strategic communication focuses: to sensitize the public, in this case the youngest, to the adoption of environmental behaviors. We believe it was an experience that these children will keep in their memory, eventually sharing and giving the message of what they have learned from those closest to them. ”

The initiative had about 40 schools in the municipalities of Mafra, Cascais, Oeiras and Sintra and was attended by over 100 teachers.


Novo Verde will be part of the speakers panel of the European Hospitality Summit 2019 to work on the theme "New Standards and Evolution of Sustainability in Tourism", in the framework of the partnership with AHRESP (Hotel, Restaurant and Similar Association of Portugal).

Event's complete program here.

Ricardo Neto, President of Novo Verde and speaker at this event, says that “This partnership is another strategic step for the activity of the compliance scheme, as the NOVHORECA Local Accommodation kit will be used in contexts where there is a high production of packaging waste, which must be properly separated for recycling. ”

The NOVHORECA Local Accommodation kit, developed for AHRESP Members, was presented and distributed at the first edition of the Local Local Accommodation Management Course ', promoted by AHRESP under its QUALITY Program, whose first edition began in February.

This action is part of a series of awareness-raising and education initiatives on sustainable practices, particularly in the field of packaging waste management.




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