“MAFRA Reciclar a valer +” project, of which Novo Verde makes part, aims to create a living laboratory of incentive systems, which allows to test different technological solutions and monitor their results, contributing to increase knowledge about these systems and promote their effectiveness and economic efficiency in the sense of preparing the deposit system implementation.

It will consist of several elements:

1) Different types of deposit equipment, in order to identify the most suitable for different locations and different users groups;

 2) Sensing and artificial intelligence technologies that provide information on the effectiveness and efficiency of the system;

3) Platform for monitoring the equipment network in real time, with automatic management of collection operations.

The project also aims to promote the correct use of these systems through an awareness campaign that will run through the municipality of Mafra with events in stores and markets, in schools and other places next to the communities. This initiative will make it possible to collect citizens' perception indicators regarding solutions and answer key questions such as the value associated with incentives, accessibility of equipment, among others.

It is also intended that the accumulated knowledge is made available in an open manner to all interested parties, promoting the development and implementation of more effective and efficient deposit networks or systems.



Since October 1, all Pingo Doce da Malveira commercial customers are able to actively participate in the recycling process and deliver their PET plastic bottles of drinks and soft drinks, receiving vouchers of € 0.02 or € 0.05, to use in your purchases.



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