Novo Verde in a partnership with the European Blue Flag Association invite to participate in the Novo Verde Packaging Universities Award challenge for Universities.

This initiative was born within Novo Verde Prevention, Awareness, Communication and Education plans and its main objective is to introduce and reinforce environmental practices in these establishments, motivating the action and promotion of sustainable measures.

Based on the methodology of the Eco-Schools Program, the first phase of the challenge is an environmental audit of the educational establishment, which should result in an action plan, with special emphasis on measures to be implemented in the context of packaging waste management.

The € 7500 prize will be awarded to the most outstanding projects, a value that should be used to implement the measures presented in the action plan.

At the national level, an absolute winner and 7 applications will be confirmed for the 7 regions of the country (Autonomous Region of the Azores and Madeira, North, Center, Lisbon, Alentejo and Algarve).

Applications are open until October 30 and applications must be submitted by November 15.

We highlight that it is possible to submit several projects from the same school, as long as the groups do not exceed the limit of 5 students and a coordinating teacher.

This process will take place online at, a site dedicated to the Novo Verde Packaging Universities Award initiative, which contains all the information to consider (regulation, calendar, application forms and submission of applications).

Previous initiatives are available here.



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