The Strategic Plan for Urban Wastes (PERSU 2020), for the period of 2014-2020 was approved by Decree nº 187-A/2014 published in Official Gazette (DR) (I Series) nº 179, from September 17th.

PERSU 2020 establishes the following waste prevention goals:

As preparation goal for reuse and recycling, PERSU 2020 defines the following:

Recycling Packaging Waste:

Goal for laying Biodegradable Urban Waste (RUB) in landfill:

In the table below you can find the evaluation of the accomplishment of national goals in the 2020 Business as Usual (BAU) scenario:

Evaluation of the accomplishment of national goals in the 2020 Business as Usual (BAU) scenario:
Indicator BAU 2020 Goal/ Objective
Preparation for reuse and recycling 44% 50%
Laying of landfill RUB 35% 35%
Take Back of Selective Collection 30 Kg (inhab.year) 47 Kg (inhab.year)

Source: PERSU 2020.

The 2015 State Environment Report (REA) refers that the total urban waste (UW) production in mainland Portugal, in 2014, was of approximately 4,474 million tons, having occurred an increase of around 2, 5% when compared to the previous year.

The annual capitation in 2014, in Portugal, was 452 kg (inhab./year), which corresponds to a daily UW production of around 1,24Kg (inhab./year). In 2014, in mainland Portugal, of the total collected UW, 86,4% came from undifferentiated collection and 13,6% from selective collection.

According to the 2014 State Environment Report, the laying in landfills is still the preferential destiny of the urban waste (UW). In 2014, 42% of the UW produced in mainland Portugal was laid in landfills. The rest of the produced UW were used in energetic recovery (19%), mechanical and biological treatment (MBT) (19%), material recovery (9%), mechanic treatment (9%) and organic recovery (2%).

Portugal committed to achieving the recycling goals of packaging waste (PW) established by Directive nº 94/62/CE, of the European Parliament and Council, from December 20th, changed by Directive nº 2004/12/CE of the European Parliament and Council, from February 11th , which obliges to the accomplishment, until the end of 2011, of a minimum recovery of 60% (in weight), of which at least 55% shall correspond to material recycling with local minimum recycling goals of: 60% for paper/cardboard and glass packaging wastes (PW), 50% for metal, 22,5% for plastic and 15% for wood.

In the year 2014 the State Environment Report points to a global recycling rate of global PW (all materials included) of about 64%, having not only accomplished but surpassed the goal established for 2011 (55%).

In specific terms, all materials present a higher recycling rate than the ones established in 2011, except in the case of glass.


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