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Pingo Doce is aware of the importance of the sea to the lives of all people and has created the Amar o Mar (Love the Sea) program, which works to conserve and protect the sea and the species that live there. Each year, this commitment continues through numerous internal initiatives or those developed in partnership with various national institutions.

Portugal is a country of the sea. The Portuguese sea is much larger than its land area and occupies 97% of the national territory. It also plays a central role in our culture, history and food.

The “love the sea” program
At Pingo Doce, we are aware of this. Through the “Amar o Mar” initiative, we have made a series of 12 commitments based on an environmental policy and a sustainable procurement policy that contribute to protecting the ocean and its species. Only through efficient and responsible use of resources is it possible to continue offering the Portuguese the best of this sea that belongs to everyone. As part of this program, Pingo Doce promotes cleaning actions on the beaches and nearby, collecting more than 4 tons of marine litter by now.

Support for the National Surfing Championship
Loving the sea also means mobilizing the community around the need to protect marine resources and participating in various initiatives. Concerning this, we will support the National Surfing Championship by providing the 100 participating surfers with a set of Marca Própria products. In collaboration with Novo Verde, we will carry out awareness and beach cleaning activities with school children near the venues of each stage of the MEO Surf League. Diver Sónia Sousa Ell will coordinate these environmental awareness actions.

Pedro Simões, General Director of Novo Verde, affirms: “Raising citizens’ awareness of sustainable actions and the proper disposal of their waste is crucial to minimizing waste generation. Banning the use of a particular product is not in itself a solution. It is essential to make people aware of what they are doing when they dispose of their waste and choose products with a smaller environmental footprint. We should be mindful that the life cycle of products depends not only on the material itself but mainly on the treatment of the different products at the end of their life.


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