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“School success starts with recycling” is the slogan of a campaign Novo Verde is running as part of the Novo Verde Sustainable Partner program for FIRMO. In this time of new beginnings, Novo Verde and FIRMO encourage families and students to go to school more sustainably and make them aware of the importance of packaging recycling.

Novo Verde, a packaging waste compliance scheme, and FIRMO, one of the most traditional brands for school supplies with more than 70 years of experience, are launching the campaign “Success at school starts with recycling”. An awareness campaign focused on the importance of recycling packaging and the sustainable choices we can make in our daily lives, especially when buying school supplies that we have been waiting for for a long time.

As part of “Parceiro Sustentável” (Sustainable Partner), Novo Verde’s program to promote communication actions and sustainable action patterns of public sector companies, “School Success Starts with Recycling”, aims to reach families and students at the beginning of their school years.

The initiative and information campaign will run from August 16th to October 8th in FIRMO stores in Lisbon and Porto, among the brand’s customers throughout the country, and on Novo Verde and FIRMO social networks. During the project, Novo Verde will offer yellow, green and blue eco-bags to consumers who buy FIRMO’s sustainable school products in stores to promote the separation of packaging waste in their households.

Pedro Simões, General Director of Novo Verde, highlights that: “We are better involved in the Sustainable Partner program, and our members participate actively in joint and segmented actions to reach different audiences and communities to spread awareness about environemtal friendly practices. Partnering with FIRMO is an opportunity to raise awareness and encourage environmentally friendly practices among the customers, employees and all those who need back-to-school supplies each year, namely families and students. By participating in this initiative, they will take home an eco-bag to separate their packaging and start the new school year environmental right.”

Novo Verde’s Sustainable Partner program supports and inspires companies to develop sustainability initiatives on the one hand and spreads the best eco-friendly behaviours at the corporate level on the other hand.

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