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Ricardo Neto, current president of Novo Verde and ERP Portugal, has been elected for a two-year term as president of Fluxos, the association representing Portuguese waste management systems.

The Fluxos association brings together eight companies that manage waste from packaging, batteries, electrical and electronic equipment, medicines and motor vehicles.

Together, they handle hundreds of thousands of wastes annually and maintain relationships with most of the producers and importers, as well as other entities involved in the management of waste streams, such as municipalities, distributors and waste management companies.

Ricardo Neto, president of the fluxos association, points out that “fluxos’ mission is to protect and defend the role of compliance schemes in the context of waste management at the national level, especially in a time when structuring issues for the sector are being discussed, such as deposit and return systems, laws on specific waste streams, and much more. The entire sector and its members are facing great challenges, which the association is aware of and will actively resolve.”

Ricardo Neto started his professional career in the business sector, but his broad career in the environmental sector began in 2000 as a consultant for Iberia for IT companies – Information Technologies.

In 2005, he took on the role of General Manager of ERP Portugal and in 2014 became Head of Iberia & South America for Landbell Group. In 2016, he founded Novo Verde, a packaging waste compliance system of which he is President, in addition to being President of ERP Portugal, which deals with the disposal of electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators.

Besides Ricardo Neto as president, representing Novo Verde, Electrão is also represented in the new management of Fluxos as vice president. The association’s members include the compliance systems ERP Portugal, Sociedade Ponto Verde, Valorcar, Valorfito, Valormed and Valorpneu.

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