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Novo Verde will reward innovation in the packaging sector with 25 thousand euros

31 Dec, 2021 | News

Novo Verde, packaging waste compliance schem, launches a new edition of Novo Verde Packaging Enterprise Award, a research and development award aimed at industry, distribution, academy and technological areas related to the packaging sector in Portugal. The winning project will be awarded a global amount of 25 thousand euros.

The Novo Verde Packaging Enterprise Award is part of Novo Verde Research and Development (R&D) area and has as its strategic objectives the promotion of R&D in the packaging sector and all the materials that make it up, the promotion of the competitiveness of companies and the economy circularity in the packaging sector, the possibility of implementing concrete and innovative projects with added value for the packaging sector and the increase in the flow of knowledge in the packaging area, always having the circular economy as a common denominator.

Ricardo Neto, Novo Verde President, adds that “Environmental trends and the growing need to develop models that allow the promotion of the circularity of the economy show that the implementation of actions that promote research and development is fundamental. This is a sector that is always in constant motion in terms of R&D and Novo Verde role, as a packaging waste compliance scheme, is to signal and reward the best projects. With this award, we intend to boost the sector and promote competitiveness between entities with the main objective of finding the best solutions to fulfill the purposes of the circular economy”.

The submission of applications for the Novo Verde Packaging Enterprise Award ’21 can be carried out until March 31, 2022 and participants must submit their application through the form available on Novo Verde website. The winning project will be announced in May 2022.

The evaluation criteria cover the methodology, innovation, creativity, adequacy of the project to the proposed objectives, implementation plan, quality of presentation, organization and also the general quality of the application. The 2021 edition of Novo Verde Packaging Enterprise Award has the Expresso newspaper as its media partner, and Ernst & Young as its technical partner. All information and contest rules can be found here.

You can follow all of Novo Verde campaigns and actions on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, as well as on the packaging waste compliance scheme website.

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