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Novo Verde Sustainable Partner

23 Jul, 2021 | News, News - Featured

Novo Verde and ERP Portugal, waste compliance schemes, have just launched content and communication programs so that the companies they work with can improve their sustainable practices and communicate them.

Novo Verde and ERP Portugal have just launched the “Sustainable Partner” project, a program that has two main objectives: support and inspire companies to develop initiatives guided by sustainability and, on the other hand, disseminate the best environmental practices initiated at corporate level.
The “Sustainable Partner” is based on a set of exclusive and customized tools, which include explanatory videos, informational documents and graphic supports, which Novo Verde and ERP Portugal member companies can use to understand how to implement new measures internally, disclose to employees the practices to adopt and communicate to customers and consumers the work done to reduce their environmental impact in an integrated manner.

Ricardo Neto, Novo Verde and ERP Portugal President, added that “this is a project that we have been developing to support the companies with whom we work in a subliminal way and that today we launch in a structured way, everything to disseminate the best environmental practices in the corporate fabric. Our list of partners and customers includes companies that have very mature sustainability programs and initiatives that deserve to be (re)recognized by all their stakeholders. Other companies will be able to take advantage of the knowledge we share to implement new measures that today are increasingly decisive in terms of corporate sustainability, talent retention and reputation. At the end of the day, the winner is always the Planet”.

The tools are divided into packaging waste, managed by Novo Verde, and waste from electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators, the responsibility of ERP Portugal. Partner companies wishing to join this program can do so through the pages dedicated to the topic for each type of waste at and Ricardo Neto also points out that “in addition to the importance of sharing together various environmental concerns, this is an important step for us in strengthening relationships of trust with our customers and potential customers, as we go beyond the essential: we train sustainable partnerships”.

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