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The compliance system Novo Verde launches a new edition of the research and development competition Novo Verde Packaging Enterprise Award, aimed at companies in the packaging industry to find the best solutions that meet the concept of the circular economy.

The 2020 competition, with a total prize of 25.000 euros, focuses on plastic packaging solutions and aims to strengthen the sector and promote the competitiveness of companies. The Packaging Enterprise Award’20 has three prize levels, with first place winning €15.000 and second and third place winning €6.000 and €4.000 respectively. The winning projects will be announced in 2021.

Ricardo Neto, president of Novo Verde, adds that “the circular economy is becoming more and more a common fundamental of all activities, with the packaging sector playing an essential role in this context. This year, with a focus on the plastics category, we are looking for innovative solutions that optimize the various processes involved. From the manufacture of the packaging to the materials used, production, collection and recycling. The goal is always to minimize the environmental impact. We know that the sector is always on the move in terms of research and development, and it is up to Novo Verde, as the packaging waste compliance system, to recognize and reward the best projects. We look forward to this year’s edition.”

The Novo Verde Packaging Enterprise Award 2020 is presented in collaboration with APIP, the Portuguese Plastics Industry Association.

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