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The SITIODOAL platform, developed to help entrepreneurs find all the information, products and services they need in one place, has recently launched the first edition of StarsAL, which aims to recognize innovative ideas and projects in the different sectors of tourism.

The platform seeks to bring together successful companies to identify like-minded people, form alliances, create ecosystems and thus promote innovation and competition in the market and offer consumers a better experience.

The award includes five categories. The ideas are assessed by a jury composed of representatives of companies from the respective sectors. Novo Verde will be part of the Sustainable Star working group, aimed at accommodations and companies that stand out for their achievements and efforts in the field of sustainability.

Besides that category, the award includes as well: Star INODecor, which aims to reward those that stand out the most for innovation and application of new concepts; Star Outsourcing, aimed at companies in the field of strategy development and investment in both markets; Star Food and Beverage, aimed at companies that present tourism-related projects and initiatives that have contributed to qualifying the offer and strengthening the competitiveness of the sector; Star Startups, to reward entrepreneurs of different nationalities for tech and no-tech ideas that aim to revitalize the tourism ecosystem.

Who can apply?

Every project or company works in one of the mentioned sectors. Registration is free of charge. The goal is to award the best projects and contribute to the promotion of the economy. Submission is possible through a specific form for each category on the website by September 30th, 2020.

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