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To promote the recycling of beverage packaging, 2 machines have been put into operation.

Mafra City Council is implementing the project “MAFRA Reciclar a Valer +” to promote the selective disposal of beverage packaging. The aim is to contribute to the higher participation of citizens in the recycling process by directly rewarding them when they hand in aluminium and PET plastic packaging up to 3 litres.

This separate disposal of packaging facilitates its separation and ensures a better quality of recyclable materials, which in turn promotes recycling. 12 Packaging collection solutions provided by the “MAFRA Reciclar a Valer +” consortium, led by Mafra City Council, are available to all citizens, who are rewarded for dropping off PET plastic bottles and aluminium cans according to their volume (€0.02 for smaller packaging up to 0.50 litres and €0.05 for packaging waste larger than 0.50 litres and up to 3 litres). With these deposit systems, located in 6 schools in the municipality of Mafra and distributed by a total of 6 Lidl, Minipreço and Pingo Doce stores, the incentive system can be tested, improving knowledge about it and preparing the country for the introduction of the deposit system, which will be mandatory from January 2022.

To promote participation and correct use of these vending machines, awareness campaigns will be carried out, also in an online format, to mobilize citizens and visitors to use these value-added solutions. For Lúcia Bonifácio, Councillor of Mafra, “with the project “MAFRA Reciclar a Valer +” we have taken up the challenge of recycling and circular economy, focusing on innovation, to which is added the contribution of public and private entities, citizens and everyone who visits our municipality. ”

In addition to the municipality of Mafra, the companies involved in the project are Novo Verde and Electrão, which are responsible for compliance with packaging waste regulations and will help with the introduction of the collection equipment in the municipality. Also involved are the Instituto Superior Técnico and 3drivers, supporting the monitoring and evaluation of this solution, as well as Tratolixo, where the waste will be sent.

Ricardo Neto, president of Novo Verde, adds that also “MAFRA Reciclar a Valer +” will continue the pilot project launched in 2019 in the municipality of Mafra. Consumer participation in this project is very high and extending. In this way, Novo Verde renews its commitment to partnerships and initiatives that make the difference, as they promote consumer participation in the recycling process and make it possible to increase the recyclability of the materials collected.”
The general director of Electrão, Pedro Nazareth, states that “this project has been developed to explore the different operational possibilities of deposit systems,”. For him “It is very important that the national established system allows the inclusion of different deposit projects that have been carried out throughout the country, thus valorizing the investments made and the know-how acquired in the meantime”.

The President of the Board of Directors of TRATOLIXO, João Teixeira, considers that this project is fundamental to demonstrate the importance of the operational role of the Municipal Waste Management Systems (SGRU) in the deposit system for disposable packaging. “It is very important that SGRUs continue to be integrated into the deposit system in order to minimize the environmental footprint while allowing the return on investment, equipment and existing human resources, with clear environmental, technical and economic benefits for the entire system. ”

Paulo Ferrão, professor at the Instituto Superior Técnico, highlights the significant environmental benefits of the project, as well as the work being done to “understand consumers, who are a fundamental part of the entire system, and other stakeholders, which will improve the performance and results we are seeking. ”
António Lorena, managing partner of 3drivers emphasizes that “today we need to think about innovative projects focused on the recyclability of resources, and this is precisely the objective of “Mafra Reciclar a Valer +”: to recover used beverage packaging and ensure its recycling, avoiding the loss of valuable resources.” “The commissioning of these machines is the result of months of work by everyone involved and we are very proud of what we are presenting in Mafra,” emphasizes António Lorena.

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The “MAFRA Reciclar a valer +” project, which will run until the end of 2021, is supported with 756,000 euros from the EEA Grants Portugal Environment Program, a multi-year funding instrument between the European Economic Area and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.


About EEA Grants

Through the European Economic Area (EEA) Agreement, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are partners in the single market with the Member States of the European Union.
In order to promote a continuous and balanced strengthening of economic and trade relations, the Contracting Parties to the EEA Agreement have established a multi-annual financing mechanism known as EEA Grants.
The EEA Grants aim to reduce social and economic disparities in Europe and strengthen bilateral relations between these three countries and the recipient countries.
For the period 2014-2021, a total contribution of 2.8 billion euros has been agreed for 15 beneficiary countries. Portugal will receive a budget of 102.7 million euros.

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