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Feel Matter is this year’s winning product of the Novo Verde Packaging Enterprise Award. It was presented at the Climate Change Leadership, Solutions For the Wine Industry conference in Porto.

Feel Matters embodies the idea of the circular economy by creating different formats of sustainable packaging that incorporate waste from the wine industry (stems) into its production process, thus extending its life cycle.

Ana Lima, the person in charge of the project, has followed the development with satisfaction: “Our mission is to use residues from the agricultural industry and apply them to architecture and design. But the fact that we were able to turn this concept, which took several years to develop, into reality and bring it to market is undoubtedly a huge success!”

This award is one of Novo Verde’s initiatives to promote research and development projects, strengthening the circular economy.

For Ricardo Neto, President of Novo Verde, it is crucial to ” give space to such companies to realize their concepts. From these projects are born great ideas that reduce the waste of resources and avoid the generation of useless waste”. The winner of this first edition undoubtedly illustrates the concept of the circular economy by giving back to the wine sector a product produced from waste that comes from its activity”.

This competition was addressed to national recyclers and packaging manufacturers and completed last October.

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