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Novo Verde human recycling bins promote the recycling behavior in Reguengos de Monsaraz

10 Jun, 2021 | News

Novo Verde promotes the plastic and metal packaging waste, paper/cardboard and glass collection activity, through the action of human recycling bins in Reguengos de Monsaraz, Évora, within the scope of Water World Forum For Life event, which take place from the 3rd to the June 6th.

This selective collection initiative will take place in partnership with the Municipality of Reguengos de Monsaraz and GESAMB, on the weekend of May 29th and 30th, with local businesses and establishments of the HORECA channel, as well as on the days of the event, with the objective of facilitating the recycling of packaging and explaining to citizens the importance of their behavior in the chain of management of this waste.

This action is part of the set of dynamics developed within the scope of the Water World Forum For Life event, that took place at the beginning of June in that location.

The world event is focused on the theme of water and took place for the first time in Portugal, with the sponsorship of Novo Verde.
Crossing the social, cultural, sporting and global aspects, it intended to draw attention to the urgency of immediate behavior and to what each one can do to contribute to a more sustainable planet.

Ricardo Neto, President of Novo Verde, is part of the panel of speakers on June 5th (World Environment Day) and adds that “we intend to alert citizens, companies and entities to the importance of correctly forwarding packaging waste and, with this, promote a constant participating behavior. The selective disposal of waste is the responsibility of all of us and is one of the ways to prevent it from ending up in rivers, seas and oceans, contaminating ecosystems, our health and the Environment. Novo Verde is thus associated with this project with the main objective of valuing water as one of the most essential goods on the planet”.

You can follow all the news about Novo Verde participation in this event on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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